To inform, educate and entertain current and future generations with the essential knowledge constituting the foundations of American Popular Music and the diversity of artists who created and performed it, validating why our musical arts are the world’s Gold Standard.

What We Do

  • MELO produces visual, audio, and music content for Film, Television, Streaming, Downloads, and hard and emerging media, which tell the story of American Music to the world
  • MELO produces live music events that celebrate the magic of music and bring people together in an artistic and fellowship-oriented lifestyle
  • MELO assists other Not-For-Profit organizations in bringing attention to their cause

The MELO Team

Chief Executive Officer
Josephine Jordan Beavers

Chief Operating Officer
Faith Winningham-Beavers PhD

Chief Financial Officer
Pamela J. Hauser CPA

Jon A. Levy

Patricia D. Murray